Supporting Individuals

Mood Disorders

If your feelings are overwhelming and you can no longer function normally, you are not alone. According to statistics, 10% of the population will be affected by a mood disorder during their lifetime. If this is your case, contact me. We will work together to correct this situation.

  • Depression
  • Burnout
  • Postpartum disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Phobias
  • Seasonal affective disorder
  • Mourning

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Since the early 1990s, I have been counselling clients who have experienced traumatic events of all kinds. I have a profound knowledge of specialized counselling techniques for these problems and I help my clients express their fears and develop strategies to face difficult situations. Furthermore, as needed, I also act as an intermediary with health professionals.

  • Domestic violence
  • Incest and sexual assaults
  • Criminal offences
  • Car accidents
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Emergencies or work-related stress
  • Bad experiences related to drugs, including hallucinogens and amphetamines (paranoia, extended “downs”, etc.)


If negative thoughts and a low self-esteem are preventing you from achieving your goals and living your life to the fullest, therapy can be the answer.

  • Feeling rejected and isolated
  • Sense of inferiority
  • Constant self-criticism, or high sensitivity to other people’s criticism
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Guilt
  • Pessimism


At times, when faced with questions about life, a confidential conversation with a neutral outsider can help you get out of an impasse.

  • Questions related to your life’s purpose
  • Reflections on your family life (relationships with your parents, siblings, partner, children)
  • Calling into question your job or career
  • Questions related to your sexual orientation or gender identity

Are you suffering? Are you experiencing any of the problems discussed below and you would like to talk about it in confidence? Wait no longer.

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