When Should You Consult?

To consult a psychologist, you don’t have to wait for a situation to become unbearable. Whether your uneasiness is difficult to identify or you’re going through extreme anguish, make an appointment now.

Here are some of the symptoms or situations that may lead someone to consult a therapist: 

  • Insomnia, nightmares or chronic fatigue
  • Irritability, irrepressible anger
  • Distress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobia
  • Sadness, melancholy, depression, suicidal thoughts
  • Loss of appetite or uncontrollable eating
  • Difficulty in adapting to a major life event or change: death, job loss, separation or divorce, birth, etc.
  • Lack of self-esteem, difficulty in asserting oneself, fear of rejection

If any of these symptoms are negatively impacting your life, affecting your social or professional relationships, or preventing you from functioning, reaching your goals or being fully happy, don’t wait. Make an appointment.

What happens in psychotherapy?

The process of therapy, and the course of each session, depends on the client and on the problems that he or she wants to address.

The duration of therapy varies greatly according to the problem and the person. Sometimes a few weeks will suffice to correct a problematic situation. In more difficult cases, it may take years.

Sessions start at an agreed time and last 50 minutes. At our first meeting, I will ask you to tell me why you are seeing me. This first contact will also allow us to get to know each other. Typically, I tend to be rather directive during sessions. Many clients appreciate my guiding them, but I will adapt my style and the approaches used according to your needs.

Making an appointment is easy and could be the first step towards a happier life. Contact me and I will be pleased to meet with you.

Take the first step.

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